3 of the Best Fitness Trackers For Cycling

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3 of the Best Fitness Trackers For Cycling

For people who enjoy keeping fit and active, we are all use to seeing the runners strapping on those
GPS watches, but what about GPS fitness trackers for the serious cyclists who wants to keep tabs of
performance and level of fitness? For avid cycling enthusiasts there’s a huge range of fitness watches
to choose from and the best ones can record distance, speed and some will even measure the cadence while
you cycle.

For the purpose of this article, let’s look at the multi sport fitness watches that will suit both land
and water. There are many fitness trackers currently on the market, yet for cycling, there are three that
stand head and shoulders above the rest. These three consist of the following:

Garmin Forerunner 920 XT – Up first we have this fantastic offering from Garmin, coming in
the form of the Garmin forerunner 920 XT. The 920 XT is one of the most effective fitness trackers
currently on the market, which is exactly what we’ve come to expect from Garmin over the last
decade or so. At around $399 it isn’t exactly the cheapest tracker on the market, but it certainly isn’t
the priciest either. The forerunner 920 XT can be paired with a heart rate monitor so you can
monitor your heart rate as you cycle. It records distance, speed, descent/ascent, grade, and much
more besides. It also provides smart notifications, so you can see incoming texts, calls, emails, and
more. The device has the appearance of a sleek and stylish watch. It even allows you to control a
VIRB camera so you can record the action as you go.

Garmin Fenix 3 – Next up we have the Garmin Fenix 3, which is considered an even more
technologically advanced fitness tracker than the forerunner. Again from Garmin, this fitness tracker
has the appearance of a sleek and stylish watch, and at around $594 its price reflects its class. It
features a chroma optically bonded display, wireless connectivity, a rechargeable battery that lasts
around 20 hours per charge, an EXO antenna, as well as smart notifications. The device has in-built
GPS so you can monitor and track your progress whilst out on the bike, tracking distance, speed,
ascent/descent, calories burned, and much more besides. This watch is truly fabulous, and if you
have the cash, it is certainly well worth the extra money.

Polar V800 – Finally, the last offering on our list today, is the Polar V800, which is another firm
favourite fitness tracker for keen cyclists up and down the globe. This GPS sports watch retails at
around $430, and it features an in-built GPS system, allowing users to keep track of their rides, as
well as any other physical activity they may be doing. You can customize and create unique profiles
for different activities, where you will receive the exact data that you require. It is compatible with
heart rate monitors, will track route, speed, and distance thanks to the GPS features, plus users can
even create training plans and set goals and targets to keep them on track.

There you have it, the pick of the bunch on the best cycling wearables. This means that for cyclists,
you have the capability to track your workout and have access to extraordinary insights into your performance,
technique and effort, whilst allowing you to improve in that process. Best of all, these three fitness
watches are waterproof and durable, meaning if you are a triathlete or someone who enjoys swimming, these
wearables can record your performance in the water.

For more extraordinary waterproof fitness trackers that will suit any level of fitness, jump over to
http://waterprooffitnesstracker.net/ for the news and trends
of the best fitness watches that will suit your training and needs. Whether you are a serious cyclist, swimmer,
runner, the weekend fitness goer or if you are on a tight budget, there are a range of fitness wearables to
choose, from the cheap to the expensive, and from the basic to the sleek wearables.

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