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In the gym, at home, in your hotel, anywhere you have high speed internet, you have amazing workouts to select from. From Indoor Cycling, treadmill videos, strength training workouts, to our knowledge database, you will have the most up to date workouts on the web!

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Workouts on demand when you want it and where you want it, instantly! Select from hundreds of training videos and watch it with the click of a button. Take your iPad or Android to the gym and have an endless supply of training and coaching on demand.

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Select from many genres of training videos, treadmill, Spinning, cycling, strength training, flexibility and more. On Demand Workouts will be there right alongside with you, coaching, entertaining and educating you.  These are fun, fast and highly effective!

Phone Friendly

Sick of watching re-runs on the gym monitors? Yea, me too. That’s why I created On Demand Workout. Just fire up a video on your phone or tablet and get in an amazing workout while being entertained. Yes! These workouts are fun!

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Here you will find a huge selection of workout videos available to watch at anytime. The ability to watch workouts on demand means that you do not have to purchase or download anything, simply select your workout video and go! Our site is mobile friendly, so, take your iPhone, iPad or Android device to the gym and get in a workout – it’s way better than CNN 🙂

We have amazing content and we’re adding more everyday. Our roots started with creating the most unique and ingenious indoor cycling videos anywhere. We pioneered virtual cycling and continue to elevate what it means to ride indoors. Our sister site, Cycling Videos Online, continues to provide top quality indoor cycling and spinning videos available for purchase, while here at On Demand Workout, you can binge watch without having to own or buy anything! As a matter of fact, we’re so sure that you’ll love the ability to watch workouts on demand so much,  the first 30 days are free 🙂

In addition to cycling workout videos, we are creating amazing, scenic, and guided virtual hikes and runs for your treadmill. Explore the mountains of Colorado, or the beaches of Hawaii  in the gym or at home.

Go ahead and sign up for a 30 day risk free trial and check out the workouts on demand that we have. Cycling workouts, flexibility workouts, balance workouts, treadmill workouts, core strength workouts, weight training workouts and more at your disposal!